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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  December 16, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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♪ from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. snowfall up to 4-inches making parts of our area look more like the north pole. it's the third time we've seen flakes in just one week. the new element causing concern this morning, plus should we expect a white christmas? and despite the cold, first responders in cumberland county are battling three alarm fire. the breaking details comin comi. what a game. triple overtime. a thriller at the wells fargo center for sixers fans. and it all came down to one shot with just seconds left. kevin hart not holding back. >> home wrecker, mistress all that stuff was put outing. >> from the cheating scandal to his kids and his ex-wife, philly funny man tells it all. >> he spilled the tea on himself as they say.
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good day, it's saturdays are december 16th, 2017. nine days until christmas. have you done your shopping? >> i'm almost done actually. >> ooh. >> ahead of the game this year which i love. but we're feeling festive you got the naylor polish going do down. i got socks that you can't see it way down there. i'm feeling it. we got the snow. >> i know. >> cold temperatures. >> it does feel like christmas. >> what doles we need. >> worry good. we need a party. christmas party. >> good christmas party. >> good christmas party. >> let's look outside. >> okay. >> it is still -- we're still blanketed in snow. fresh snow, of course. >> pretty shot. >> third time in week, mike masco. you can see it covering the boardwalk in wildwood there on the left. on the right i-95 looking good. smooth sailing. penndot crews work very hard to keep those roadways clear last night as the first flakes started to fall. so from cold weather to icy roads we have team coverage this morning. jenny joyce is roving around to help you with driving conditions, but first, let's begin with meteorologist mike masco three times in one week?
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>> three times in one week. why not? it's, you know, i guess it's the season. we're lock into a pattern. look at some of these totals. berlin at 3.6. toms river 3.6. columbus, new jersey, 3-inches. brandywine at 3-inches. florence and fill philadelphia 2.2-inches of snow. where do we go? we're up to 7.f december. we only average 3-inches for this month. put night perspective for you, last year for the entire month of december, lauren, how much snow did we have? >> 7.7-inches. >> she's not listening. [ laughter ] >> no. for last year. what did we have? >> we had none. >> we had none. so 7.7-inches. that's just really impressive. 25 degrees this morning with very dark camera behind me with southwesterly wind coming at 12. all about the feels like temperature. feels like 14 degrees. it's 22 voorhees. atlantic city at 27. somers point at 23 degrees.
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very cold conditions across the region. into the teens as you go towards the north and west wind chill values two above right now feels like in mount pocono. 14 here in philadelphia. all day today the temperatures are going to feel like it's into the 20s and 30s even though we're going to around 40 degrees for your afternoon high. now, clear skies overhead. but you go west there's a lot of snow showers across western pennsylvania. you look at this radar, mike, we got problem here today. but that's not going to be the case. moat of this is drying up as he it goes over the mountains with this front on top of us i wouldn't be shocked to seeing a snow shower across the region. fox future cast is going to do a great job with this, because 3:00 o'clock this afternoon notice allentown to reading, you know, north of 76 as you get along i80, this -- tears the areas the suspect that is could see, you know, quick snow showers, maybe even a coating of snow and with this front on top of us, that's going to produce cloudiness mixture of sunshine and clouds during the course of your day and then sunday front still on top of us. that could be the focus of more
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snow showers even mixed precipitation again this would come in sunday night into monday morning. so be careful if you'll be traveling out for the monday morning commute. because there could be little ice out there. so it's cold in west chester. 10:00 o'clock in the morning. 29 degrees. chilly afternoon. lunch time is going to be indoors next to a fire with temperature right around 38 degrees. and we'll see some cloudiness at 2:00 o'clock right around 40 degrees. i'll come back in little bit, lauren, promise a warmup. and then what else do i got in that seven day we'll look at that altogether. >> for now you got to grab your shovels and your scrapers for what's left of yesterday's snow, be careful. because streets and sidewalks are extremely slippery. taking live look outside. this is route 70 in cherry hill. you can tell just how cold it is this morning. our jennifer joyce checking the roads out for us much she's life in germantown and jenn nearing it really just depends on where you're driving when you see those bad areas. >> reporter: it really does,
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lauren. so we are live on wissahickon avenue -- excuse mow walnut lane. this is an area notorious for icy spots because there are a lot of hills back here a lot of winding roads, um, so if you take look there's a lot of slush on the ground like you said depending on where you are depending on how the roads were treated overnight will i guess let you know just how icy it could possibly be because as you can see arc live look here of walnut lane, the roads are definitely wet. so there will be ice patches.& last night our crews were in new jersey as people tried to make their way home from work. maybe even bracing the storming to holiday shopping and things were not pretty. people it took two to three times longer to reach their destinations. the snow fell early afternoon through the evening rush hour. as a lot of people were naturally on the roads traffic moved slowly as the snow accumulated. by late evening, the snow turned slushy, the wet roads were then vulnerable to ice so lot of
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people we talk to were happy and relieved once they finally settled in for the night. so if you're heading out this morning just be careful because another live look at the roads here, you can see they are wet this morning. lauren? >> all right, jenny joyce, thank you so much. in delaware county, the roads have become much more passible now that the snow has stopped last night it was a much different story. we spotted one car stuck on a patch of ice on city line avenue. it was slow going and completely sloppy most of the way down the road. it took our crews an hour to get from the schuylkill to upper darby township. many people had the same experience with long delays. it was really really a very slow drive. i don't understand why the city didn't prepare the roads. they knew the snow was coming. nothing was pre treated. it's not even. everybody had to take half hour drive for three hours. i had to my grandson was stuck at the doctor's on henry avenue. took me an hour to get to him.
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then his dad was stuck at work at the post office. i had to go get him. it took us like two and a half hours to get up to here. my daughter was stuck on west chester pike. i just took my time. it wasn't a jam to me. people were taking their time. i didn't slip or slide one time. it was fine. >> it's not too bad. >> frustration. of course the long drive home some were faced witness task of shoveling driveways and sidewalks. once they arrived the national weather service says philadelphia saw upwards of 4-inches of snow. now, let's get to breaking news out of cumberland county. flames tear through a large home overnight in lawrence township. three alarm fire started just before mid fight on the 500 block of sayers neck road. it took crews nearly two hours to get the flames under control. no word on any injuries or how the fire may have started. also, breaking in montgomery county, firefighters in the freezing temperatures after a house caught fire in upper providence. you can see the damage left behind on the 500 block of tawny
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berry lane. part of the roof of that home is completely gone. the fire sparked around 4:15 this morning. we are unsure of injuries at this point. meanwhile, skyfox over the scene of a nursing home fire in delaware county late last night. that one forced people out into the cold. fire broke out just before 9:30 at a nursing home on the 3500 block of west chester pike in newtown square. people living there were evacuated. the fire was under control about 30 minutes later. so far no injuries have been reported. pennsylvania governor tom wolf signed a bill guaranteeing state level funding for children's health insurance program or chip as it's called. wolf signed the bill at chop yesterday after the state general assembly voted to reauthorize it. wolf urging congress to renew federal funding for that progr program. it covers more than 180,000 children in state for families that earn too much to qualify for medicaid. and the state of
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pennsylvania taking on the trump administration over birth control and at least temporarily has won. federal judge in philadelphia temporarily blocked the trump administration's new rules allowing employers and universities to opt out of the coverage contraceptives for their employees. in objection, pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro filed a lawsuit against the administration saying it was breaking the law and under mining the health of american women. the judge agreed on friday granting shapiro's motion for an injunction while the trial continues. and the president is promising tax reform by christmas. now the house and senate are getting ready to vote on a bill that has been made public. details released on the $1.5 trillion tack cut plan. fox's lauren blanchard breaks it all down. >> reporter: the republicans final tax bill is set in stone. kit not be altered any more and finally been posted online for lawmakers and the public to see. >> the conference committee has come together and we have
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delivered for the american people. >> reporter: it's been challenge for republicans to come up with attack reform plan they think can pass both the house and the senate. but all sides seem to suggest leadership confident enough to move forward with a vote. the bill keeps seven tack brackets but reduces rates for five. it reduces the corp. tax rate to 21% and doubles the child tax credit for many families from 1,000 to $2,000. it also calls for the repeal of the obamacare individual manda mandate. republicans say it will make the us more competitive, democrats say it hurts the middle class. >> i'm very excited about this moment. it has been 31 years in the making. >> tax reform bill is a disast disaster. it helps the wealthiest, most powerful corporations and individuals and it hurts the middle class. >> reporter: there were two high-profile republican outs, senator bob corker and mark p company rubio both now say they will complete the bill wolf senators thad cochran and john mccain are out dealing with medical issues.
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>> all of our thoughts and prayers go out to senator mccain, you know, he's having a tough time. but i'm told he will be here next week and voting. >> reporter: final votes are expected in both chambers next week. we expect to see the house vote first followed by the senate a day or so later. the president has been vocal about wanting something on his desk by christmas. in washington, lauren plan char, fox news. a vote earlier this week could have us saying goodbye to the internet as we know it. why pennsylvania and delaware sue for your right to surf the web. perfect day to binge watch your favorite tv show and if you're looking for new recommendations, the series people most watched on netflix and we'll share our recent favorites. but first, weekend wendy with a fuel holiday events around the area you can enjoy this weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ this year, start a new holiday tradition.
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delicious recipes made with nutella! the holidays never tasted this good. discover holiday recipes at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> look at that picture. wow!
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i mean that is christmas in one shot. look at that. look at that. lauren you got your tree up, right. >> no tree for me. i know. >> wait a minute. >> i have to have a fake one in my building i don't know want a fake one. >> go get mike jerick i think he's got three of them. >> he does. >> sitting around. pick the green one. >> all right. good morning everybody. we'll get lauren a tree while i do weather here. again, we got a morning we're waking up very cold and that's of concern, of course, because of all the slush that's still on the roadways. if you didn't shovel your driveway you'll be slipping and sliding this morning as you wake up. temperature at 25 degrees. southwest breeze coming in at 12. so it feels like it's yikes 14 if you are heading out for that morning jog. here's what's going on. weather headlines. icy morning out there especially again on the bridges and ramps anything that has not been salted it has been frozen over. now we're out of the freezer today. that certainly some good news because we're back up closer to 40 degrees but there could be a couple of snow showers far northwestern suburb later today. 22 in atlantic city.
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25 philadelphia. very cold up towards the poconos the skiers are loving this weather. it's 16 right now and they'll have great ski conditions. but really the story is with that breeze it's going to feel like it's only into the 20s today. so i know we're advertising 40. but it's not going to feel like 40. clear skies overhead. some snow showers up towards the lakes. these are going to come into our northwestern suburbs we look west we just don't find any big storm activity. so i mean we can take really breathe a sigh of relief we've gotten hit through three storms back to back to back this week all in one week, and i don't see that happening as we get into next week. so again a lot of cold on the boards but milder temperatures being found across the tennessee valley back across the southern plains that will actually come close to 60 degrees right around st. louis and little rock so that is the air we tap into as we go into later this week. so that is encouraging news. with this cold front on top of us, a couple of snow showers across the region. we'll call it flurry variety. i think most of this will be to the north and west of philadelphia. otherwise chilly conditions.
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now, for sunday, more clouds, some night showers will develop and those night showers may fall in the form of sleet or freezing rain for outer suburbs that would be sunday night into monday morning. so we'll talk more about that coming you. 29 to 41 degrees today. overnight temperatures drop down into the teens and 20s once again. it's not that harsh cold that we dealt with last night but we will be dealing with yet again another pretty cold night. 40 today. 42 on sunday. and milder i mean that will feel like a blistering heat wave by tuesday at 54. >> right? >> put up the coats for few days. an old city holiday tradition that's always drawing a crowd. the living nativity at fourth and race. this year one of the main stays at the nativity scene said moove out of the way. bruce gordon explains only in philly. ♪ >> reporter: hi, i think bruce gordon. it's been said time and time again that actors are an unusual lot. spenting your adult live trying make others laugh or cry, well,
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it can be a bizarre way to make living. you might say they're a different breed. sometimes literally. such as the case with stormy the cow. you may have seen stormy. she plays the role of cow in the live nativity scene at the old first reformed united church of christ at fourth and race in philadelphia. it's actually not much of a role for a skilled thespian you stand around acting like, well a cow. it's clearly the supporting role to the real star of the nativity show. maybe that second banana billing what so upset our bovine diva. because early thursday morning, very early, she escaped the in a nativity scene and ran off. it's possible part of her entourage actually opened the gate to let her out but in any event, she was soon coralled by philly police at an i-95 southbound ramp near callowhill and led back to the stage. then came act two. just a few hours later, still
7:19 am
pre hiv dawn stormy got loose again. this time it's believed through her own cunning. she was tracked down and discovered in a parking garage at fourth and market. maybe stormy had bailed on the nativity show in order to audition for the role of deep throat in local production of all the president's men. >> $25,000 in brown paper bag. >> a lot of money. >> reporter: or maybe not. with the director of the show meaning church officials deciding that stormy had become too much of a headache, she was promptly replaced by her understudy a different cow this one named ginger. and animal rights activists were quick to criticize the whole endeavor the idea that critter shows stand around in the cold for the entertainment of passers by. reports stormy has now been retired to a local high school agriculture program. as for me, i think the old gal still got one great performance left in her. teach her how to ride a motorcycle and she'd be a shoe in as steve mcqueen in the great
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escape. only in philly. ♪ earlier this week fcc commissioners voted to repeal the rules designed to make sure internet providers treat all online couldn't at the present time equally. this means you could start to pay more for your internet use and what you search for may be heavily censored or impossible to find on the web. but the battle is far from over. now, there is a multi state fight forging ahead to protect the people. 15 states including pennsylvania and delaware are planning to challenge the fcc's repeal. netflix drop the list of the shows families all over the country are watching in big numbers, mike. >> hmm. >> though you may not have seen this the winner comes as no surprise. ♪ ♪ >> it's creepy. >> it's creepy, mike says. taking the top spot the wildly popular hit strangers things. the second reason wore lowed or
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the second season -- i can't read this morning. the second season was released just two months ago in october and it topped every other show in 2017. that was followed by a series of unfortunate events, 13 reasons why, and fuller house. >> really? >> fuller house. >> i know. i don't know about that. >> i don't know either. netflix says globally subscribers watched 140 million hours of netflix a day this year in 2017. >> you got to get hobbies out there. >> we got to get moving. >> that's lot of hours. >> january fir the most popular day for watching but january 2nd was the most popular day to binge watch in the us. so that brings us to our poll this morning. if you do subscribe to netflix, what is your favorite series? >> is that a question to me or the viewers? >> both. >> what's yours? >> i'll start with you. >> it's hard for me to pick a favorite it's hard for me to make decisions. >> you don't have netflix do you. >> i do netflix. the last three i watched green leaf, oprah executive produced and she's knit also.
7:22 am
>> right. >> blood line i'm watching right now. >> that's good. >> kind of slow and then, um, ozark was so good. >> that's so -- it's so funny. everything you just mentioned i have never seen. >> what? >> that's crazy. >> what are you watching your watching strangers things. >> i did stranger thing. very creepy but i like it and then that -- house of cards, m man. >> i love that. >> it's a little -- it's controversial but boy is that good. >> it is good. >> no doubt many of us are still looking for the perfect holiday gift and for some the four legged fur babies that grab your attention. what you need to understand before you make that commit many. >> you should get a cat. right there. >> i got a
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we're jamming. we're jamming to songs that are popular in 2017. because the year is coming to an end. >> i never heard that one. >> i haven't either. we're going to dance to it. >> this is my friend rob from temple university one of our junior reporters here's here to share what he has for us. hi, rob. >> good morning lauren. later on this morning volunteers from across the country will lay 1.5 million wreaths at the graves of those who mater ultimate sacrifice in one community from our area joining in on wreaths across america it's a sight rich with history but unnouns to many.
7:26 am
>> ♪ >> remember paoli a battle cry that resounded in the revolutionary war after 53 colonial soldiers were slain right here in the dark of night in 1777. >> at the end of this battle the british were able to get and capture philadelphia. >> jim christ is on the front lines of preserving the paoli battlefield the site of the ninth deadliest battle of revolutionary war dubbed the paoli massacre. >> that spawned about a battle cry of remember paoli and that was used the first time at the battle of germantown. >> ironic that not many people in the region remember or even know what happened on this field. >> if you add all the participants in you're probably logging at close to 6,000 participants. >> wow. >> british and american. >> right here on this field. >> right here on this field, y yes. >> a gesture as simple as laying keiths in time for the holidays all in an effort to keep the history alive. >> wreaths across america spans all across america in all 50 states at over 1200 cemeteries
7:27 am
they say their mission to to remember, honor and teach. >> i've lived here for 15 years. didn't know anything about this battle. i'm sure a lot of people don't know about this battle. >> here's what i'm sure a lot of people at home don't know you shoot, edit, produce and do all these stories on your own. that was good work. >> i need to give shout out to those guys because they braced those subzero temperatures with me to get that done. it was windy but, yeah, we got it done. >> good work, rob. >> a great cause. we shall mention that later on today, with relation across america takes place all across the country. the ceremony at the paoli battlefield kicks off at 11am. if you have some free time head on over there, check it u pay your respects. >> good work. happy holidays. >> happy holidays to you. >> i'll see in you 2018. >> yeah. >> two worlds -- two words -- i can't read today, rob. do you want to take my job. >> two words. >> parking tickets. why the ppa is for giving your faults but the gift won't happen before the
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they appear out of nowhere.
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my secret visitors. appearing next to me in plain sight. hallucinations and delusions. these are the unknown parts of living with parkinson's disease. what stories they tell. but for my ears only. what plots they unfold. but only in my mind. over 50% of people with parkinson's will experience hallucinations or delusions during the course of their disease. and these can worsen over time, making things even more challenging. but there are advances that have led to treatment options that can help. if someone you love has parkinson's and is experiencing hallucinations or delusions, talk to your parkinson's specialist. because there's more to parkinson's. my visitors should be the ones i want to see. learn more at
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routine traffic stop ends with a suspect dead in delaware state trooper hospitalized. delaware state police say the trooper tried to pull a car over yesterday afternoon on in wilmington. investigators say the driver take off dragging that trooper. that's when state police say the trooper fired his weapon hitting the suspect who later died at the hospital. the trooper was treated and released last night. he is now on administrative
7:31 am
leave while state police investigate. staying in delaware, the state has agreed to pay more than $7.5 million to settle a lawsuit stemming from a february prison riot that left correctional officer dead. six department of correction employees along with relatives of slain officer stephen floyd who filed the lawsuit will share that money. they had accused of state budget administrators of failing to properly fund and operate the department of correction and its facilities. as part of the settlement, state officials do not acknowledge any wrongdoing. welcome back. you're watching good day weeke weekend. i'm lauren johnson. according to the national weather service, areas in philadelphia saw as much as 4-inches of snow yesterday. now, it's what's left behind that can be dangerous. slippery streets and slick sidewalks. in these blow freezing temperatures. so -- >> are you cheating on me? >> um -- >> you go to the national weather service over me. >> no. >> according to them and not according to -- >> i'm telling was they said. >> oh. >> the people you right now.
7:32 am
you -- >> you want to know. >> it's mike. >> i'll tell you. >> you. >> according to mike masco, we saw over 4-inches. 7.7 that's for the month. >> whew! >> not winter yet. >> that's the scary part. >> are you kidding mes? not winter yet. >> winter is coming. >> we got 7.7 for the month. you know, it should be right around three, all right, for the entire month. last year we only had .2-inches so we're way ahead of the game for this not even winter season. 19 in berkeley township this morning. 24 in somers point. look at these temperatures this morning. upper lehigh valley and into the poconos or into the teens. when you factor in the wind it's feeling like two above to nine above in wrightstown. 14 here in philadelphia. if you're going to go for run, i just tweeted, might want to think about an afternoon jog instead very cold out in. really hurts to be out for prolonged period of time and we're going to feel like it's into the 20s and low 30 force your afternoon today. now, clear skies overhead we go
7:33 am
west that's where we find a couple of snow showers. outdoors -- could you imagine living in western new york i feel every day it snows in buffalo and it's snowing in buffalo right now. western pennsylvania all associated with a cold front that's pushing down from the north down towards the south. so by, say, 3:00 o'clock, allentown, reading and the poconos and along theism 80 corridor could see some snow showers. maybe some of those snow showers come as close to trenton or doylestown, feasterville or yardley into the afternoon hours. with this front on top of us, we'll see the clouds sticking around for sunday and maybe some more wintry precip sunday night into monday. we'll talk more about that coming up in just little bit. jenny, are you freezing out there? where is your hat? >> reporter: i know. i know. you know what i was debating the hat but we're running back inside the truck quickly. so just to be honest with you. but we are live here on walnut lane where the roads are definitely wet and you can see there's a lot of slush on the ground but the cars are moving okay.
7:34 am
the roads could be icy where you are depending on the treatment last night and where you live. temperatures in the 20s and lat night our crews were in new jersey as people tried to make their way home from work or wrap up errands. the roads were snow covered an lot people reported it took two to three times longer to get to their destination a lot of people were frustrated by that, but salt and plow trucks were out working as penndot warns on its website when precipitation pics up and there are more cars on the roadway during rush hour there will be traffic. if you're in traffic, the plow trucks are in traffic. so it takes longer for them to complete the routes that. may be why the roads were so rough last night. so the snow stopped falling pretty early last night giving crews several hours to clean up the roadways for weekend travel. again ice patches will be spotty as temperatures are in the low 20s and as you can see, the roads are wet. lauren? >> the warning remains. be careful when you're out there. jenny, thank you so much.
7:35 am
despicable and heartbreaking. that's how the temple university president is saying the signs. university police released photos of a person of interest. that person posted highly offensive signs with a racial slur at three different locations on campus. temple president richard, says the university will not be defined by moments like this. he's hopeful the temple community will unite to fight bigotry and hatred. shocking apathy that's out a pennsylvania grand jury described penn state's culture of underaged drinking and hazing yesterday's report comes after the february death of 19 year fraternity pledge timothy piazza it criticizes the university's culture which they say led to life threatening conditions and why spread violations of campus alcohol policies. the grand jury report also makes a series of recommendations including stiffening the penalties for hazing and strengthening the laws surroun surrounding alcohol and minors.
7:36 am
>> don't have college spirit and college joy on our college campuses watch we really have is a wholesale dose of sexual assault, bee batch row and hazing and that's what we need to change. >> 14 members of the now banned beta theta pi fraternity face criminal charges in connection with piazza's death. do you ever get nervous when you come over here from jersey about the ppa? >> we got a real love hate me and the ppa. >> hearing something good, though. >> i know. a lot of people get angry with them. you might like this story. if you haven't paid your parking tickets in while as in some years now, you may get a gift from the city of philadelphia but there's a catch. >> oh. >> city council pass add bill for giving any parking tickets issued before 2013. but first you have to pay all of your tickets after 2013. >> oh, come on. >> if you haven't gotten a ticket since 2013, so all of them are before. >> right. >> you only have to pay $50 like
7:37 am
flat fee and clear all your tickets. the bill, of course, still needs the mayor's approval. the state auditor says, ppa has failed to collect more than $580 million in outstanding tickets since 1990. >> that's a lot of money. i mean that could go to some good stuff around here. >> can you imagine, though, if they're doing the books and it'& like we're not just missing like a couple hundred thousand. >> what about 2012? [ laughter ] >> what about thursday? thursday i got a ticket. seventy-six dollars. >> for where? where did you park. >> walnut street. >> in the middle of walnut street? you would think so. >> on the side. >> that's a lot of money. >> i was in -- i don't even know. i can't read the codes. but this is why i uber and lyft because i get so nervous. >> right, right. >> i'm going park in the wrong spot. i did. >> did you hear bout sixers game last night? >> three over times last night? triple overtime. sixers, thunder, it came down to this play right here. we have the nail biting
7:38 am
highlights next in sports. >> almost had heart attack watching this game. oh
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7:40 am
>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean bell. eagles getting ready for a big game against the giants because the first time we get to scenic foles as the starting quarterback. head coach doug pederson talks about his expectations from the entire team. i don't want guys to go above and beyond what they've been doing to help us win games.
7:41 am
they don't have to do anything more than just their job and just their responsibility and whatever their role is in the game plan and that goes for ni nick. >> the sixers went to triple overtime against the thunder and it came down to this. russell westbrook finds andre roberson under the basket. he ditched the reverse to go and that would do it. the sixers lose 119-117. their fifth loss in six games. then the phillies making some moves they traded freddie galvis to the padres for a right handed pitcher and signed carlos santana to three-year, $60 million deal. that's sports in a minute.& i'm sean bell. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ okay, carson wentz is done for the season and it's been a magical season so. 11 and two and a play off berth thanks to winning the nfc east but eagles fans are always waiting for disaster. they suffered for so long they think they're cursed when wentz went down and was lost for the season the philly faithful almost expected it. they have seen it all before.
7:45 am
but this could still be the year for the birds. remember i told you earlier this year to have faith enjoy the ride eventually good things will happen? nick foles has been here before. have you forgotten 2013 when foles started nine games and through 27 touchdown passes to lead the birds to the nfc east title? look i get it. foles is no wentz, but he's good enough on this football team. teams within championships and this is a good team. in than the team foles so enjoy it. the ride isn't over yet. you're 11 and two you got a chance. that's more than most teams get. maybe this is the year all comes together in a storybook ending. you have to believe. the cubs finally broke the curse. if you believe belieorld series! >> they won the world series in 2016. i don't think eagles cursed but they're overdue for good fortune. there are signs this could be the year. remember the kicker jake he will i don't believe signed off the bengals practice squad. he kick that game winning
7:46 am
61-yard field goal against the giants in week three. remember that? you didn't think that was going to happen, did you? no before. or so you thought. it could be the same thing now with wentz going down this team could do the unthinkable. so bleed green. have hope. and maybe, just maybe, this story ends like a hollywood movie this february in minneapolis. we can hope. ♪ i want to show you brine parka sent us this on the twitter severe. brian, you got to just -- my mom when she goes to take pictures she doesn't stop to, d your mom have this problem. walking and taking pictures. >> you got to stop. otherwise this is a nice shot. this is pennsauken, new jersey yesterday evening. really, this could have been manayunk, right. these roads they were covered up in snow. we're still covered up along the boardwalk where we are seeing a little bit of a wind out of the south direction. you can see the winds blowing out of the south.
7:47 am
but again boardwalk covered up. we're cold. 24 degrees southwest breeze coming in at 12. the feels like temperature is the big deal this morning because it's feeling like it's into the teens to around 20 degrees. so icy morning out there. be very careful if you're on the side roads or bridges or ramps as you go on and off the highways because they're going to be frozen if they weren't treated during the overnight hours. good news we're out of the freezer for today. yesterday was like 29 degrees for a high temperature. today we'll come closer to around 40 degrees. shore points are into the 20s this morning. influence of the atlantic where it's 36 in wildwood. that's the warmer spot. of course the colder spots up towards north and we have 16 degrees. feeling like it's into the 20's and low 30 force your day today. there's going to be a couple of snow showers along theism 80 corridor. what does that mean? north and west of philadelphia allentown, reading, yardley will be a spot that could see a couple of snow showers today. maybe a coating in the poconos. otherwise there's just nothing really doing on the big boards as you look out west.
7:48 am
pretty clear tranquil conditions for, you know, it's been awhile since we've seen storm free activity and there's the warmth across the south headed our way by next week. we'll show you the seven day forecast can you go up just a little bit. lauren. >> it may seem like a good idea even very sweet to get a puppy or kitten for christmas but animal advocates will tell you pets are much more than gifts. they're creatures that require around the clock care. and it should be considered a life-time commit many. bill anderson explains why one local shelter wants to you think twice before giving a pet as a present. >> hello. coming up this weekend. >> reporter: with less than two weeks left until christmas many of us are still looking for that special meaningful gift and no doubt some of us will settle on this. >> get it report roar bringing home forever friend can be an mazing decision. but also creates an interesting question he is special physical you go to a shelter. >> about this time of year people go out and they buy
7:49 am
things because it's maybe on sale or whatever, but animals are a different thing. >> reporter: along with being the director of gloucester county animal shelter, bill lombardi is an animal lover. each year they're faced with the question how do you get people to understand that these aren't just cute gifts. they're lifetime commitments. >> a lot of people think that it's just like a present or something that they're giving to their family. it's not present. i mean, it's a living creature that needs attention. >> reporter: as we walked through and met all the dogs and cats, bill made it clear that his goal every day is to find them homes but years ago they determined the holiday season stress is too much so they started a policy of not allowing adoptions the week leading up to christmas. >> as of the close of the 19th we'll stop releasing animals to a resident. we'll adopt it and tag the animal if it's adopted and then they can come after the holiday to retrieve their animal. >> reporter: different shelters handle holiday adoptions in different ways but gloucester county just feels like we need to remember that these new family members require
7:50 am
attention that many can't give during the hectic holiday seas season. >> we thought that if we do this and we hold off that the animal will be given the attention it really needs when it's adopted. >> reporter: there are other shelters that allow later christmas adoptions. you're adults and you can make adult decisions. they just want to you remember that the puppy or kitten that you're responsibility in 2017 will likely still be your responsibility christmas of 2027. so by all means, bring a forever friend home for christmas and if you do, consider bringing home one of the many rescue animals that need a home. bill just asks that we make sure we're making a commitment and not an impulse decision for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ kevin hart is not holding back. he spills about cheating on his pregnant wife. he talks about his kids and his ex-wife. the philly funny man is telling
7:51 am
it all. >> time has come for us to maybe booboo some stuff for ours. mom of three, mom of two and the mother of all stylists is here. tells what we need to our
7:52 am
7:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪
7:54 am
good morning i'm dr. mike. now we talk about this subject many times before. a new study has found that if your kids use electronics, i mean laptops and cell phones, before they go to bed they're inclined to gain more weight. did you go that 50% of fifth graders have a cell phone. come on, folks. keep those electronics away from your kids at night. new study calls into question whether grandma was right, remember grandma used to say, my joints ache when it's raining or it's going rain. she would say my rheumatism is getting bad. well the bottom line is that although this study showed no correlation, i still see it in my practice and believe the weather can affect your joint pain. so folks, listen to grandma. the holidays are upon us and many of us like a nice glass of wine. well dunk researchers in great britain are finding that we're drinking more and more wine probably because the size of the wine glasses have been getting bigger and bigger i'm not
7:55 am
telling you use a dixie cup but watch the amount of wipe you drink. i'm dr. mike. have a great woke end. kevin clark -- oh, my gosh. can i go back home? [ laughter ] >> all right. i want to try again kevin hart is coming clean talking about cheating, his kids, his ex-wife. philly born comedian spilling his own tea and it's not a laughing matter. in a radio interview with the breakfast club he explains how he ended up cheating on then pregnant wife aniko he was supposed to be in barcelona the terror attack happened that day him and a buddy decided we're going to go vegas. he admits did he mess up but then he says his ex-wife said something that really bothered him. >> but when people try to put the bleep on her of karma, home wrecker,. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> that's carpal m like that, that bleep that almost got under my skin and i had to -- i had to bleep breathe for a minute. because that's title, that's
7:56 am
correct title was put on her by my ex out of anger, out of whatever. like... >> don't do that. the couple just welcomed their son kenzo in november. there are good days and bad days with marriage but he loves him aniko he'll be on snl hosting tonight. >> this is christmas show. they're still together, right? i'm sorry i don't stay up with this. >> it's tough to figure it out. they are. >> so they're -- they work through it. they're welcoming a kid. is he coming out with a book? is there a reason this hitting the news? >> i don't know. the breakfast club always has people sit down and ask the tough questions. >> that's true. >> that would be an interesting book. i mean for sure, right. >> did he have one earlier this year. i don't know. he's all over the place. he's like -- >> he is. comedy specials, jumanji. >> yeah. >> books. yeah. he does it all. >> movies. >> movies. >> you said jumanji. [ laughter ] >> got it. >> we both -- i said either my brain is still sleeping or it's
7:57 am
frozen from either one. >> i think it's a combination. >> combination. ups under fire after losing a man's $850,000 check. that's not the worse part of this story. the petty reply. >> oh, no. >> from the delivery company. that will leave you yelling. >> you got to stick around for that story, too. it's wild. look outside life, lauren. i mean, the know is done. prom problem it's super out there. a couple areas could actually see more snow later today. we're coming back after
7:58 am
this year, start a new holiday tradition. delicious recipes made with nutella! the holidays never tasted this good. discover holiday recipes at
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♪ from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ mike and i can't stop talking about everything except the snow. look at that. 4-inches blanketing our area. looking like the north pole outside. the third time we've seen flakes in just one week and it's not even winter yet. the roads are slick and so are the sidewalks. plus, could we expect a white
8:00 am
christmas, mike has the answer and despite the cold, first responders in cumberland county battling a three alarm house fire. breaking details are coming up. and christmas procrastinators you might want to listen up. time is running out to mail the packages. deadline is fast approaching your last chance to ensure your gifts will make it under the tree. good day everyone it's saturday, december 16th, 2017. nine days clock is ticking. >> did you set me up with the whole white christmas thing? >> i did not. all i said was it look like a white christmas. it's not wint but will it snow on christmas. people want to know that answer. >> little fired up on twitter. i'm seeing social median certain outlets in the philadelphia medium mark poste posted about e christmas. that's week away. over week away. >> we have much -- >> right. just be careful with the information that goes out. okay. not everybody a meteorologist. okay. some are weather casters. >> yeah. >> ut-oh. be very careful out there there's one model that says there could be a snowstorm.
8:01 am
>> okay. >> there's another mother dell that says it's going just going to be cold and partly cloudy. that's big deal -- big difference. big difference. >> be careful. that's my psa of the morning. >> got it. >> now that he's off of his soap box he's dropped the mic. let's take look at our live cameras this morning. fresh snow blanketing the area for the third time in week. you can see it. covering the boardwalk there on the right. i-95 on the left. looking good. penndot crews were working hard to clear the streets last night as the flakes started to fall. from cold weather to icy roads, we have team coverage. jenny joyce is roving around looking at the conditions outside but first mike, let's give him the mism c back. he's got lot to say. >> we got to get her a hat quick. she looks cold. >> i know. >> poor jenny. [ laughter ] that was me yesterday. so i don't feel that bad. 3.6 in berlin. toms river we had a good snowfall. this was a three hour window of some very quick cold snow. florence 3-inches and philadelphia international 2.2. where does that bring us for the
8:02 am
month? wow! 7.7. we should average 3-inches so way above average for the month of december. as lauren said it's not even winter yet so we got a long ways to go. 20s in jersey to the teens as you get tour the outer suburbs. 25 allentown. 20 in pottstown. we're at 16 in poconos. now there's a little bit of a wind out there so it's feeling like it's four to 15 degrees on average. really all day today it will feel like it's into the 20's and 30s so pretty chilly afternoon. i know we're advertising 40 degrees. it's not going feel like 40 degrees. clear skies overhead right now let's go west you'd say ut-oh, got more problems. well, most of this you can see how it kind of stops at the mountains. this is going to dry up as it goes over the mountains but there's actually one variable we'll have to watch this cold front that's sitting across central new york as it slips off towards the south and into the lehigh valley, it may actually focus some snow showers out there. there even could be a coating snow right along i80 so if you live, you know, right along i80 and points north like the
8:03 am
poconos or jim shore those are the areas maybe as close as allentown where there could be a quick coating of snow and some flurries out there as we go through the afternoon. now by sunday this front is on top us much lots of clouds on top. and notice how there's a couple of scattered showers that try to develop along the front. my concern is, sunday night into monday, these showers may actually freeze on contact. the ground is very cold. that will lead to freezing rain and that could be of concern for monday morning's commute. otherwise there is no issues if you are heading for the airpor airports. traveling already the holiday plans. we're not seeing any issues at all the major hubs. 26 goes to 40 degrees later today. seven day forecast, lauren, we have a 50-degree temperature. we'll talk about that coming up. >> can't wait for that day but for now you got to grab your shovels and your snow scrapers for what's left of yesterday's snow and be careful because the streets and sidewaks are slippery. let's take live look outside. route 73 in west berlin, camden county, look at that. streets are cleared but you see
8:04 am
the snow everywhere else. jenny joyce is checking the roads for us. jenny, it really depends on where you're driving and walking this morning. >> reporter: yeah, it does, lauren. first i do have a little rebuttal for mr. mike masco. i have a hat. and you know what, it just wasn't worth messing my hair up for -- >> yeah. >> i hear that. >> lauren you know how it is. you know how it is. >> i know. >> some days -- okay. so this is a little -- this is a little secret for our viewers. some days we are outside for several hours covering breaking news. other days we get to run back into the news van which is what we're doing this morning. so i come out for my life shots then i go right back inside where it's warm. so i haven't wanted to put the hat on just yet. but it is very cold out here. i do have multiple layers on underneath my jack. so mike masco, i'm covered and thank you for your concern. we are live here along walnut lane in germantown this is an area that is known to get a little bit icy. a lot of winding roads and a lot of hills.
8:05 am
so we've seen the cars look at the car coming around the curve there. you can see taking it easy but these roads don't look too bad. so depending oh and where you live, depending on what roads were treated last night, yesterday was a huge issue, though, because the snow was falling early afternoon. people were at work, children were still at school. the snow came at a weird time. so a lot of schools didn't have that early dismissal. so i was actually on the roadways around 3:30 yesterday from jersey headin back into philadelphia and the roads were bad. they were snow covered. the issue is, that when everybody is on the roadway, it is harder for those plow trucks and the salt trucks to get out and about and run their routes because everybody is out there on the roadways. so it took a lot longer for them to treat the roads. so another look back out here live. this car is moving a little bit faster around the bend here on walnut lane. but if you're heading out and about just be careful because as you can see, there is a layer of water and there's a lot of slush here on some of these back
8:06 am
roads, lauren. >> jenny, be very careful out there. thank you so much. breaking this morning out of cumberland county, flames tear through a large home overnight in lawrence township. the flee alarm fire started just before midnight on the 500 block of sayers neck road. it took crews nearly two hours to get the flames under control nom word on any injuries or how the fire may have started. also breaking, this time in montgomery county, firefighters in the freezing temperatures. they are after a house caught fire in upper providence. you can see the damage left behind on the 500 block of tawny berry lane. the roof of the home gone. the fire spark right around 4:15 this morning. we're unsure of any injuries at this point. meanwhile sky fox over the scene of a nursing home fire in delaware county late last night. forced people out into the cold. the fire broke out just before 9:30 at a nursing home on the 3500 block of west chester pike in newtown square. people living there were evacuated. the fire was under control in about 30 minutes. so far no injuries have been
8:07 am
reported. ♪ back to our top stories. pennsylvania governor tom wolf signed a bill guaranteeing stayed level find of funning for chp wolf sign the bill at chop yesterday after the state general assembly voted to reauthorize it. wolf urged congress to renew federal funding for the program it covers more than 180,000 children in state for families that earn too much to qualify for medicaid. the state of pennsylvania taking on the trump administration over birth control and at least temporarily has won. federal judge in philadelphia temporarily blocked the trump administration's new rules allowing employers and universities to opt out of the covering contraceptives for their employees. in objection, pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro filed a lawsuit against the administration saying it was breaking the law and under mining the health of american women. the judge agreed friday granting shapiro's motion for an uninn junk while the trial continues. there are rumors that ryan is
8:08 am
out. house speaker paul ryan that is politico magazine reporting the wisconsin republican is considering retiring after the mid term elections next year. right now ryan is close to choosing one of his two main goals, tax reform. the final tax bill is set in stone. kit not be altered any more. republicans say it will make the us more competitive. democrats say it hurts the middle class. >> this delivers and prior advertises middle class tax relief and for many families in america, working blue collar families, will see attacks reduction of between 1200 and $2,000. >> god bless wealthy people. i'm glad we have them. but they don't need attacks break. >> in order senator marco rubio now says he will support the bill after lawmakers boosted the child tax credit he was pulling for. senator bob corker also made a surprise announcement that he will vote for that bill. new jersey's next governor on the ground in puerto rico. phil murphy wanted to surveillance 58 the damage
8:09 am
caused by hurricane maria. will he he had a delegation of about two dozen new jersey leaders with ties to puerto ri rico. murphy met with puerto rico's governor and hurricane victims. he also got a briefing from emergency management and health officials. he takes office january 16th. in hollywood major players putting together a commission to combat sexual misconduct all across the entertainment industry. the newly formed group was created by star wars producer catherine ken dough along with several other prominent women across every tv studio and network. the first chair for the commission is anita hill she gained national attention back in 1991 when she accused of supreme court judge clarence thomas of sexual harassment. and don't expect to see lot of color on the red carpet at the next golden globes. people magazine reporting many of the actresses are planning to wear all black to show solidarity in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal. that look will likely continue for other award shows, too.
8:10 am
including the oscars. ♪ okay this story is trending this morning. ups under fire after losing a man's inheritance check in the mail. it was worth $850,000. >> no. >> yikes! >> when he complained. >> why. >> ups offered to send a check for 32 bucks. >> let's generous. >> that's the cost of the shipping fee plus an apology letter but the family says while that's a nice gesture ups, it is not enough. meantime, the td bank or the -- where the money was withdrawn initially refused to issue a refund. but after the story went viral, td says we're going to send a new check. that's what i was going to say. so if it's a check they can tell it hasn't been cashed. >> yeah. >> stop payment or cancel it and just reissue another one. >> right. >> it's how ups handled it that i think is what's making everybody talk about it. >> i don't understand the trend with companies that, you know, it has to become a viral thing to do the right thing? i mean -- >> i agree with you.
8:11 am
>> what's wrong with you people dot right thing. >> i know. why was it done with a hard check? >> that's what i was wondering, too. why not like wire it. >> wire transfer. >> we have too many options g twenty five dollars fee. >> vin mow, cash out. >> $850,000. >> can you imagine you have a her. vin mow account. >> i got to go. >> right. >> merry christmas everybody. >> speaking of christmas, sending your holiday gifts. if you have to the done it yet the clock is winding down. there's some deadlines for the major retailers. dan the money man is about to sit on the couch and to make sure your presents make it under the tree. before singing on the spot. quincy and singer bob hill take to the streets to philadelphia to see if of one knows a christmas carol. >> but first weekend wendy way few holiday events around the area. you can enjoy this weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:12 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:13 am
dude. your crunching's scaring the fish. dude. they're just jealous. kellogg's raisin bran crunch with crunchy clusters
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and the taste of apples and strawberries. guess we're having cereal for dinner. kellogg's raisin bran crunch apple strawberry. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i have someone talking to you on twitter. kenya holmes wants you to know yesterday the roads were so bad
8:15 am
that her kids schoolbus arrived 99 minutes late. >> 90 minutes? >> 90. it was supposed to be there at 4:30 didn't get there until 6:0. >> she say what town. >> she didn't say. >> 90 minutes, man that's good they all made it safely. >> i always wonder were we clear on the message we sent out. that's, you know, the weather team we'll talk and we'll say look -- we spelled this out, though. 90 minutes. sorry. what was her name? >> kenya. >> kenya? >> yup. >> i'm sorry. here's what's going on. good morning everybody. look at that. winter -- where am i? winter wonderland i feel like -- in the poconos right now. 25 degrees. not in the poconos. like 15 in the poconos but it feels like 15 here in physical. it's a cold morning out there. outer boroughs into the 20s this morning. media at 23. 19 in chester. and west chester coming in at 1. double twos in toms river down towards wildwood at 32 degrees many clear skies overhead right
8:16 am
now. really no storm activity across the big boards so if you are traveling west you are absolutely fine. so the chill is locked into the northeast and mid atlantic there's the warm air that's developing, you know, of course this is comparatively speaking 56 to 60 degrees is warm compared to this 20 and 30-degree weather. so today it's just a mixture of sunshine and clouds. cold front on top of us could trigger a flurry or even a snow shower perhaps coating the grounds north and west of philadelphia today. a chilly day. more clouds on sunday and i'm concerned that we could see some night showers develop from philadelphia points south and maybe frozen precipitation from philly points north and west. that's sunday night into monday morning. 41 in philadelphia today. 20s for the northern suburbs. some snow showers north and west ofism 80. and then for tonight we're down to 14 to 27 degrees across the area. here's your forecast. 40 degrees today. 42 tomorrow. we'll have some morning showers developing actually afternoon shower developing that will go
8:17 am
into monday. it's milder by monday, 47. even better on tuesday at 54. some gusty winds by wednesday of 46. and you know talk more about potential is there a storm around christmas. is there not a storm around christmas. oh, the drama. we'll talk about that coming up. >> you won't hype it up he'll give you the facts straight up. >> nope. >> 8:17. expected to be a busy holiday seasons for the united states postal service. u.s. ps expects around 850 million packages will be shipped out this year. if you have not budgeted for last minute delivery prices, time is running out to ensure that the gifts are under the tree by christmas day. joining us to talk about delivery deadlines you have to remember our money guy dan. dan, mike masco has been bragging all morning that he's done with his christmas shopping. >> i hate mike. >> i'm a last minute shopper. i feel you on that. >> now he can work on ours. >> and my gifts have to go to at land tax down to florida. >> you're all over the place. >> so am i in for it? >> we got to pay attention to the calendar, right. >> okay. once upon time when dinosaurs
8:18 am
roamed the earth we used to our christmas shopping -- mike, at malls. now we do it online. >> true. >> online sales up more than 10% this. ups will deliver more than 750 million packages lauren. >> that's more than two for every man, woman and child in the whole country. >> jeez. fed ex will deliver more than 400 million. there's huge amount of packages. here's the deal. they've already warned that some may be late. >> oh goodness. >> you want to pay attention to deadlines if you mom's perfect pajamas to get there on time. >> this week is the week. >> go through deadlines. >> yes. >> christmas is on sunday. sorry a monday. so that coif make it funky. >> it does. sunday before there's no package deliveries. >> amazon don't they deliver sometimes on sunday. >> that do. some don't. we'll talk about that. the first date you want to remember, the 21st. ups and fed ex have their cut off on the 21st. >> to guarantee christmas arrival. >> to guarantee christmas arrival. pay attention to normal overnight time is the 21st.
8:19 am
>> is that thursday. >> that is thursday. then friday the 22nd the postal service u.s. ps, united states postal service, that's their deadline. amazon two day you're a prime member. >> yes. >> so am i. >> got to love prime. their world we're just living in it amazon. for two day prime delivery your deadline is the 22nd which is friday. >> okay. >> okay. then the 23rd which is saturday you can do the amazon one day. >> no way. >> it will cost you more. it will cost you more. right? >> that's cutting tight close for me. >> even closer when you forget me when you're down in orlando thinking darn i forgot danny's present you can do it up to 9:45 in the morning in the city of philadelphia for same day delivery on christmas eve if you're a prime member and it's going cost you more. amazon has that same day delivery in certain cities. >> no way. >> including philly. >> amazon likes to cut it close. >> they really do. here's a few thing. look you want to get it done early. >> yes. not just because it will cost
8:20 am
you more if you bump up against the deadlines but you may find your items out of stock. >> and you'll be less stressed. if all else fails -- >> yes. >> -- e gift cards the gift that says you care. [ laughter ] >> you can do that as you're walking up mother-in-law's driveway on christmas day for dinner. do the e gift card thing. i don't rem it but in a pinch it works. >> speaking of online shopping. >> yesterday i was shopping in the big b them. >> oh. >> found out at philadelphia mills that the neiman-marcus outlets are all closing because they're losing so much money to online shopping. >> it's unbelievable, right. >> how do people -- i need to try things on. like shoes and pants and -- i guess people are over it. >> you know, there are certain things that you need to do in person, right. >> yeah. >> you will at a is doing great the store you will at a doing great but those stores that you can order online, they are getting crushed call the retail apocalypse. >> we have a ups truck in our driveway every day. i think the guy has something going on with the first lady. >> good for her.
8:21 am
[ laughter ] >> that is the way we shop now. >> oh, man. all right. let's within the lot row we can buy everything we want online. >> amen. >> christmas for everyone. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> quincy harris went out with our friend bobby hill to see who knows the words and who is ready to sing. >> i'm so excited to have world renowned opera singer, opera phenom bobby hill. bobby, you have a concert coming up soon. >> i do. my concert is at the kimmel center and it's going to be on new year's eve from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> okay. you can get everything you need to do for your new year's eve done right after my concert. >> it's a benefit concert. >> okay. >> for charity called end art lessness which brings choirs and music programs to under served schools that don't have any music at all. our goal is to get every school in the philadelphia area that
8:25 am
doesn't have philadelphia and cam areas that don't have music program get a choir in there. >> you are a part of. you sang for the pope. >> yes i did. you can get tickets four to six new year's eve december 31st at the kimmel center. kimmel >> kimmel >> can we do this. >> yes. >> christmastime. can we get people in the holiday spirit singing christmas carols. >> yeah. >> let's go. hello. how are you doing. >> you want to sing christmas carols. >> ♪ deck the halls with bows of holly, la, la, la, la ♪ >> ♪ tis the season to be joll jolly, if a, la, la, la, la. >> don we now are gay apparel, fa, la, la, la, la. sorry, sorry. >> round yon virgin mother and
8:26 am
child. >> holy infant so tender and mild. >> i know some rap songs. what do you have? >> go down in the -- it go down, it go down. >> where you guys from? >> spain. >> spain. >> feliz nav dad. feliz nav dad, feliz nav dad. >> jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh, hey. jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh. >> thank you mr. hill. >> thank you. i got an appointment to go but that was fun. >> see you guys next time. >> see you neck time. >> shall we end with a song? >> ♪ oh, holy night, the stars
8:27 am
are brightly shining, it is the night of the our dear savior's birth ♪ >> whoo! [ applause ] >> good job, boys. [ laughter ] that was pretty funny. travelers will be hitting the road in record numbers to get where they're going for christmas. ahead the simple checklist making sure your car is ready for the ride. mike you want to get your coat and head outside. >> no.
8:28 am
do you need the most trusted batmaybe (screaming) maybe you could trust the world would be just as happy without them. maybe you could trust you wo have your sleigh repossessed. and end up living in the middle of nowhere with the only friend you have left in the entire world. no!
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or you could just trust duracell. ♪
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♪ breaking this morning out of cumberland county flames tear through a large home overnight in lawrence township. three alarm fire start just before midnight on the 500 block of sayers neck road it took crews nearly two hours to get the flares under control. no word on any injuries or how the fire may have started. breaking in montgomery county, firefighters in the freed freezing temperatures. you can see the damage left behind on tawny berry lane. the roof of this home gone. the fire sparked around 4:15 this morning. we are unsure of injuries at this point. mike f my mike sounds weird, it's because i'm bundled up and i'm ready to head outside. >> come over here. i want to --
8:31 am
[ laughter ] >> she looks like the kid from christmas story all bundled up. [ laughter ] >> this is shawnee mountain. lauren, take your sweet time. get over here. >> i'm coming i got to go outside. >> look at this jack she's bundled up go. here's what's going on. good morning. [ laughter ] look at this. i mean i talk to friend he said this is the best skiing he's been skiing for like 30,000 years. best ski season he's seen in a very long time. i mean this -- this is absolutely beautiful. if you're a big ski lover fan go up to the mountains as soon as you can. 25 degrees. southwest breeze coming in at ten it's feel like 15 degrees this morning here in philadelphia. so we had 2.2-inches of snow from yesterday's event. that bring us up to seven-point -- almost 8-inches of snow, right for the month of december. that's in one month. typically we average around 3-inches of snow for december. so we're already above average in the snow bucket and it's not even winter yet. 24 in voorhees. 22 right now in cherry hill.
8:32 am
palmyra at 24 degrees. and moorestown at 25 degrees. it's a cold morning across the delaware valley. we're waking up look at these numbers they're just -- they're not doing justice when it comes to the winds which are making it feel like it's into the teens 18 in the poconos. 20 in pottstown. there's your wind chills it feels like six right now in mount pocono if you're skiing today or going for beautiful hike with the nice, upping, snow down on the ground and the forests look beautiful if you'll going for nice hike layer up today with that breeze making these wind chills all day feel like it's into the single digits and teens. all right. we'll talk more about your forecast coming up there's a couple of events we have to talk about weather wise in just a little bit. lauren, how you feeling out there,? it's cold. >> it's freezing. i know you're making fun of me because you're inside but listen we have a serious subject to talk about because a lot of people will be hitting the roads for the holidays and even out christmas shopping in this weather. it's been very cold. rick santiago from aaa joining thus this morning. i shared my story with you i got in the car yesterday. low pressure light came on.
8:33 am
i drove all the way to franklin mills back to sent city. bad decision? >> it's not the best decision in the world but it's very common for most people to do. typically with aaa would suggest you check your tire pressure at any time that that tire light does come on i know it could be quite annoying but eighths very important matter. >> why does it pop on? what's happening? >> your tire pressure is decreasing and naturally in cold weather your tire pressure decreases a couple of psi every 10 degrees. so it's going to cause the light on and ultimately it can cause some issues while you're drivi driving. >> and one thing you want to point out it's not on the actual tire. i know a lot of people look at the tire to fine out about the pressure. it's on like the door or your car, right. >> that is correct. it's actually on your door jam. i can show you now. >> show me. >> absolutely. >> when you go over to your door jam, you open your door -- >> yes. >> sometimes it will be right here. but in this particular case it's actually going to be right on this part of the door. it will be right here for you. >> gotcha. >> that's where you shall look to find out exactly what you needic tire.
8:34 am
>> that is right. you can go to any aaa car care center. we'll adjust the tire pressure for you so you can make sure it's at the pressure. >> members and non members. >> member and non members. >> a lot of people were stranded yesterday because their batteries were sort of frozen out. talk about that. >> sure. aaa roadside assistance actually has a lot of calls coming in and over 50% of those calls are related to batteries and tires. >> oh wow. >> so one of the items that we would strongly suggest you get your battery tested primary reason for -- at 32 degrees, actually lose 35% of your battery strength. at 0 degrees you lose 60% of its strength. so it's very important that you get it tested because the average battery live is actually only three to five years. so it's very important that you get it tested. yet again that's one thing that aaa does at our care care centers for members and non members. >> you guys are great. what is this fancy device you have. >> this is the battery tester we use at our facilities we can get the proper diagnostic and ensure that the battery is good. >> okay. let's go to the side.
8:35 am
i know you set up some thing over here, because if the battery goes out or if you happen to get a flat tire maybe because the pressure, there are some things that you have to have in the car. you say for emergencies. >> absolutely. any unforeseen circumstances number one i would recommend you always have your battery charged before you leave. so that way you can call aaa roadside assistance but mostly in the back of your trunk you should have it in an area where it is -- where it is accessible for you not underneath anything. but an emergency vehicle roadside kit that has jumper cables, battery, lights, et cetera also some extra blankets and extra gear to keep you warm in unforeseen circumstance. >> i love that you have those were already frozen on mymine- windshield. >> absolutely. so you want to make sure that your war cher fluid is always filled. because in those cases it's very annoying when you can't see. you want to make sure that's filled and also want to make sure you have a good zest wipers i recommend you have an extra set in the back of your car. >> okay. people can find out the locations nearest them by going online, is that the best thing to do. >> absolutely. ask you for your zip
8:36 am
code and we'll show where you the closest location is. >> rob, let's get you back at the warm. thanks so much for stopping by the studios. >> quick break and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ p://>[a5df]
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ huge display driving across the streets of philadelphia to feed families this holiday season. hundreds of thousands of meals
8:39 am
donate to do philabundance as part of the toyota tundra food drive. fox 29's bill rohrer has the story. it's a lot of good people out here a lot of good hearts. >> reporter: convoy of toyota tundras made their way into citizens bank parking lot p. each filled with pallets of food in efforts to haul away hunger for philabundance. >> people wanting to give. an opportunity like this is a way to do it. >> reporter: philabundance is the delaware valley's largest hunger relief organization. today more than 350 thus san meals were donated to the philadelphia community. >> there you go. >> reporter: just small part of the hunger relief needs year round. >> the sad part the 350,000 meals will take care of philabundance for one week. that's scary. these people who have families and have worked hard and through no fault. their own, have had circumstances that have changed, dad died, mom got sick, um, and they need help. >> reporter: 170 tons of non
8:40 am
perishable food were purchased through donations made by the tri-state toyota dealers association. and more than 20 other local businesses. professional sports organizations and local television stations include fox 29. >> we're a non-profit. there's no way we could afford to do something like this. what is -- this really humbles us. i mean to say the whole community comes out like this. >> reporter: toyota, a fox 29 sponsor, provided each truck volunteers from local 542 like ron house look forward to this event every year. >> it's one thing if you can give a present to somebody in your family or something but when do you something like that it's locate giving back to the whole community. so this is like one big present. you hear all this horrible stuff going on and now you got something good like this. it's warms your heart little b bit. makes you have faith back in humanity again,. >> reporter: in philadelphia, bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> love those great stories. feel this. [ laughter ]
8:41 am
>> my god. >> you didn't want to come outside. >> that's pay back. >> she got the coat on. >> i'm still cold. don't go jogging i heard you say something about jogging. >> don't do it. it's a holiday miracle a christmas seen pop up bar taking over a passyunk hang out spot. jenny joyce will be there with festivity as little later in the show. i need to warm up. >> stay away
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:44 am
i'm karen with today's busy momma. busy momma is serlita swift watson. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell me about your familiarly. >> i have two children an stepson and i'm married. >> how old are your kids. >> my daughter is 12. she attends the french international school. my son who is 22 and attends new man university. >> you love education it's so important to you you're in child care all over the place you founded your own school. tell me about it. what's it called and what's it like? >> the westward school is a private elementary school. it's in urban community. we specialize in spanish as second language with strong emphasis on technology. >> wow. then you also have like an early learning center as well. where is that located and how many kids do you have over there? >> that's in springhouse and there's about 100 children. it's called springhouse early learning. so we start as young as six weeks up to six years old. we a have before and after
8:45 am
school program. >> what makes do you this? what inspires you? >> i would go back to my mother and say it started with her. i lost my mother in 2009. >> i'm sorry. >> and when i went to my mother's funeral it just -- she had so much live and she took care of everyone else's children. they thanked my dad and said we thank you for allowing your wife to stay at home and take care of us and she ran child care inside of her home. >> thank you for helping so many other families all over our city and our area and best of luck to you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> that's a busy momma. that's today's busy momma to find out more information about any of those schools come to our website, ♪ all right. 8:45. it's a cold morning in the delaware valley it take you out towards doylestown little bit of a breeze so with the temperatu temperatures around 22 in doylestown it's probably feeling closer to 13. 25 in philadelphia.
8:46 am
southwest breeze coming in at ten. yeah, that's a problem. 15 degrees it feels like on the exposed skin. now, 20s to the north and west. 23 in doylestown. and that's being shared in media and chester at this hour. jersey temperatures are into the low 20s. look at millville and, upping, wrightstown at 21 degrees. you can see, again, some snow showers out to the west of us, and cloudiness will start to build in through the course of your day. it's clear skies all the way out towards the west. now there is some warm air that's starting to develop across st. louis little rock, that's the warm bubble of air that will come our way. by next week. so we're actually going warm up. so, you know, you want a little warmth or mildness. that will come your way by next week. so flurries, chilly conditions for today. front on top of us. and that's going to allow for more cloudiness for sunday. notice there's some precipitation working across the tennessee valley. that may slip in here sunday night in and early monday morning allowing for, you know arc little ice situation to develop. now we'll fine tune that
8:47 am
forecast but you got to stick with fox 29 because we'll update the potential of maybe a little sleet or freezing rain for the monday morning commute. over night temperatures tonight, 14 to 27 degrees. we're huddling and cuddling trying to stay warm. hopefully you got a hot date or really warm furnace. here's your seven day forecast. 40 today. 42 tomorrow with some morning showers. more, you know, milder conditions comes in by monday at 47 degrees. tuesday is heat wave in compared to where we've been. then by wednesday of next week, gusty winds we'll talk maybe some a storm that's lurking by christmas that's coming up in just little bit. >> okay. winter is aggressively cold weather and wind known to suck the moisture out of everything from your hair to your skin. but while we know that mike hydrating face masks can work, wonders you have to adopt new beauty routine. michelle hernandez esthetician
8:48 am
at age less skin and laser center in new jersey. how are you. >> hi, how are you. >> you're in sewell. >> yes, i am. >> you're in philly. >> thanks for coming over. >> it's freezing outside. >> i know it this winter weather wreaks havoc on our skin. >> what's happening when the temperatures have dropped this low michelle. >> cold air doesn't have any moisture in it. no humidity like we do in the winter so that wreak havoc on our skin. the other thing that happens we're always spending our day going in and out of hot and cold environments. so you're going into your hot car with the heater then you go in the blast of the cold. every time you go into that warmer environment, your body the moisture the little bit of water that is oh on your skin evaporates called trance epidermal water loss and that makes our skin dry and the other thing is age unfortunately. >> the older we get, our barrier protectant which is a layer of lipoid that is really protects our skin it becomes thinner and doesn't work as well as it used to. >> getting old stinks. >> yeah. >> what can we do to help
8:49 am
prevent or maybe rewind some of these things? >> okay. so i think there's a few things that you want to do. at the center where i work, we encourage our patients to come in mr. frequently in the winter. you want to treat yourself and really focus on more hydrating facials and masks oxygen things that are really go to go help plump your face and put that moisture back in and help support that barrier. you also want to change up your routine. you know, what you use in the summer months is not the same as what you might use in the winter to really help support your sk skin. >> i know you guys have some treatment that are in your center but possible can some things that might be a little bit cheaper. >> absolutely. so what i like to recommend one of the biggest things we have to remember is you have to ex foam 88. if you don't ex foam 88 that dead skin off, what's going happen is it will block -- it's going to block the product's able to penn straight into your skin. exfoliation is important. >> okay. >> over here we have little lip scrub that's made with brown sugar an little bit of coconut oil. >> that's easy. >> at night do little little lip
8:50 am
scrub. everybody complaining about chapped lips. >> mike. mike is wonder wagon can can you do for his crusty lips he's been asking you. >> crusty lips. [ laughter ] >> that's great one. >> i use sugar scrubs even on my whole body in the shower. >> right. >> sure you can use that and just exfoliate everything. >> that's cheap. >> sure. over here a little shaye butter a little vitamin e, avocado. avenue cod dough oil is great because it penetrates no our skin easily. just like are a began oil. take this, rub your hands, put it on your feet, put some socks on at night when your body is trying to repair. >> i love it. i'm going to try this on my hands because they're so cold from outside. >> it feels good. >> over here there's differ price points. you look at over, um, in the drugstore you can get a variety of products i love the sorry veigh because it's a good price point great for sensitive skin and skin with rosacea. no fragrance. no irritants. it's awesome. and then we have products at age less that also support that barrier and, you know, these products are a little more pricey but there's a lot of science that goes into making
8:51 am
them. >> that's a good line actually. i get facials often and i used that b you can spend money either in expensive or splurge a little bit. someone in the control room says mike's lips are a little dry you want to help him. >> with the scrub. >> i think you shall do a little bit of this scrub. >> how long do you leave this on. >> the scrub is something -- >> shall some i put it oh. >> i think you should. >> he doesn't know what he's doing. >> you want a little circular motion. >> come on. >> you want to just get that -- let that sugar -- you want the sugar to get all the crusty dry off. [ laughter ] >> give me kiss. >> you gently wash it off with warm water. >> that's it. >> that's it. >> tastes good. shall i eat it. >> it tastes good. i'm actually hungry. that makes great gift by the way. homemade lip scrubs. >> i got that last year there girlfriend she put it cute little jar with a ribbon on it. she look on pinterest. >> how long should i leave this on. >> you're not doing the work. really want to get that sugar and rub rub rub circularly. >> you got it.
8:52 am
>> here we go. and gently wipe off. >> michelle, thank you. >> christmas theme pop up bar taking over passyunk hang out spot. jenny joyce has made it there and she's going celebrate in just a bit. how do you chase what you love
8:53 am
with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis? do what i did. ask your doctor about humira. it's proven to help relieve pain and protect joints from further irreversible damage in many adults. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 20 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist about humira. this is humira at work.
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♪ >> one local bar making sure customers are lit this season.
8:55 am
>> it will. >> lit by holiday lights of course. jenny joyce is live on passyunk avenue where the christmas spirit definitely be felt in one restaurant. hi, jenny. >> reporter: it is awesome in here, lauren. so cozy we have all of these holiday drinks. i fbi my favorite of the this is the rupp run rudolph. it is a cold hot chocolate. >> it is. it has some mexican spices in it. tequila and coffee liquor as well. >> we're live at in the valley. this is a bar that's here all year round. but it is now hosting the miracle pop up bar. this is all -- this is holiday. this is all holiday. talk little bit about it joe nay. >> miracle started at a bar in mesa new york city. they have expanded rapidly. this is our first location in philadelphia and we're very excited to be hosting them. basically we help the collaboration through cocktail kingdom they provide the glass wear, the mugs and everything which we also do sell. but then also they pretty much do all the heavy lifting for us so we can just execute the
8:56 am
cocktails and then just make really great experience for our guests. >> so cute. we have reindeer on the glasses. talk a little bit about the special drinks that you guys are offering obviously i mean the decor is adorable witness presents and the snowflakes and the lights and the stockings over there, too. >> thanks. that's actually our staff members much this is how we'll be doing secret santa this year, too. so we have ten different cocktails we're featuring that are very much holiday and christmas themed really going get you in the mood. get you feeling really great, and just have you in like a great spot for the night. so these are three of our best sellers that we have so far this year. starting with right in front of you this is you'll shoot your rye out after that christmas classic. it has a whole neglect it. >> lauren it had a as raw egg in it. i don't know that i can do it. but -- >> rocky drink. >> janay says it's good. >> i promise it's really delicious. texture is outstanding. pumpkin spice rye that we do with it and then it is a budweiser and marshmallow syrup.
8:57 am
>> oh. >> really awesome. savory. i just love it. it has mace on top. moving to the christmas poll will he tan. spiced cranberry syrup, lime juice, have i vermouth, sod can rosemary sprig on top for garnish and finally we have the mule tied my personal favorite this is a mess cal cocktail with all spice jam, ginger, sherri, and lemon juice. of course you have santa getting a little too drunk on the glass 40. >> that is awesome. thank you very much for sharing these cocktails. i'm going to say cheers to you, lauren, cheers to mike masco. come down in the valley. in drink the one with the egg jenny. >> what's that. >> jing of drink the one with the ago. >> is that a dare? you know if it's a dare i have to do. >> come on you got 20 seconds. >> this is why i love her. she's fearless. >> okay. okay. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> oh, no. >> she's like as soon as this show is over. >> i don't know if i can do it have a fantastic saturday.
8:58 am
be safe out on the roads. see you tomorrow. ♪ this year, start a new holiday tradition. delicious recipes made with nutella! the holidays never tasted this good. discover holiday recipes at
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